Difficult Horses

Difficult Horses: Where Do They Come From? By Lydia Gray, DVM Behavior – Jun 15th, 02 Does your horse commit any of these unsocial behaviors? Rubs against you with its head Steps, pushes or leans on you Pulls on the lead rope to eat or won’t keep up with you Is hard to load or catch […]

Breeding with Frozen semen

Breeding With Frozen Semen The benefits of using frozen semen when breeding a mare are numerous. Cryopreservation (freezing) allows long-term sperm storage, which in turn allows a breeder to but and store semen from a stallion of interest and save it for the right mare in the future. The ability to import frozen semen from […]

Enjoy Veterinary Visits

Enjoying Veterinary Visits By Sue M. McDonnell, Ph.D Behavior – Jun 15th, 02 In our referral equine behavior practice, we frequently rehabilitate horses perceived to be uncooperative with one or more veterinary procedures such as injections, nasogastric tubing, genital examination, etc. We have found that straightforward behavior modification techniques–adapted to the horse–are highly effective in regaining […]

Winter Water Consumption

Winter Water Consumption We all know that colic is the number one noninfectious health risk for horses. There are a number of types of colic but the one we see the most in winter is impaction colic. Impaction colic is essentially constipation and most often includes the accumulation of hard, dry fecal material in the […]

Winter Bran Mashes

Bran Mash During these cold, dreary days of winter, a common discussion around the barns in this area is whether or not horse owners should provide their horses with a bran mash daily, weekly or at all. So I thought it would be a good idea to devote this month’s column to the benefits and […]

Cold Weather Care

Cold Weather Care Written by Dr. Tom Lenz It has been such a pleasant summer and beautiful fall; it is hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. But today, the wind shifted, and tonight, the temperature is going to dip down below freezing so it looks like winter is upon us. The […]

Grass Founder

Grass Founder Spring might be the best time of the year, but if we have horses that are prone to developing grass founder, this season may be the beginning of serious problems for some of our horses. Horses that are over the age of 10, easy keepers, overweight or cresty-necked seem especially vulnerable to grass […]

Prevent Shipping Fever

Preventing Shipping Fever As winter approaches, many horse owners are preparing to migrate south to warm weather spots like Aiken, South Carolina or Ocala, Florida. These regions can offer comfortable temperatures and well-ventilated barns even in the dead winter – a great advantage to your horse’s respiratory health. However, traveling to these locales can put […]

Chiropractic Care

Equine Chiropractic: General Principles and Applications By Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, Ph.D. Alternative therapy – Jun 15th, 02 Veterinary chiropractic should be considered a medical act and should be performed by a licensed veterinarian or a chiropractor under the direct referral of a veterinarian in accordance with that state’s practice act. It is recommended that extensive […]

Obesity in Horses

Obesity Written by Dr. Tom Lenz on behalf of AQHA Fat horses are at greater risk for exercise intolerance, founder, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, the formation of colic-causing lipomas (fat tumors in the abdomen), joint and bone problems, reduced reproduction efficiency and increased stress on their heart and lungs. According to a recent survey conducted […]

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