Tiffany VargusDr. Koch has seen many patients at my house. My dogs love her, after their adjustments they immediately turn around & thank her then take off running because they feel so good. She has even had to work on my cat…yes my cat and he always feel much better as well! Not to mention all my horses! One in particular….we battled soreness & weight loss for almost a year before I finally agreed to a blood test for epm. Sure enough she was positive 🙁 Now Bella is a totally different horse after her epm treatment and several adjustments to get her body back up to par. I am so thankful to have a vet that was right beside me helping me fight to get my girl well. All my animals would not be the same with out Dr. Koch!

Tiffany Vargas-Gibson

Dr. Koch is amazing.  I have only known her for a few months due to my mare, Dolly’s, rear lameness.  A friend of mine referred her to me after a discouraging experience at KSU.  It has been a long haul of working her way from the ground up her back legs and pin pointing the spot that was injured.  But since she started chiropractic work on her, specifically the SI joints, Dolly is almost completely back to sound.  I would recommend Elite Equine to anyone!  She is professional, down to earth, and very thorough.  She genuinely cares about improving our 4 legged companions!

Brooke Swisher

I began using Elite Equine for chiropractic care and maintanance on my two barrel horses shortly after learning of her new mobile practice in my area. The mobile aspect of her practice is a huge benefit to me, saving me immeasurable time and miles, and she even goes down to see my retired horse in Oklahoma!
The biggest service that Elite Equine has done for me was to save my mare, Mia,from the grips of EPM! I’d had her to several area vets after she began having trouble with her balance and leads in 2012, but never got a diagnosis for her. On a day in early February, Mia could suddenly barely walk, and I immediatly contacted Dr Koch (yes, after hours, I got to speak directly to my vet!!!). She made arrangements to see her the next day, keeping in contact with me the whole time up to the appointment, asking questions and discussing possible causes. We pulled blood on her and sent it off to be tested, devising a plan to keep Mia comfortable until we could get results back. When the tests came back positive, I was sure that my mare was starring down the end of her young career, but Dr Koch wasn’t letting me give up. We devised a treatment plan and got her started on it right away.
Six weeks later, not only was I riding my mare again, but I had her legged up and ready to start competing on her again!!! Dr Koch completed some chiropratic adjustments on her, and her first run back, she was running at the top of the 2D! She was notably more comfortable, more confident, more relaxed, less marish, and happier. And, she has continued to work better than ever!

Erin Rogers

I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Koch. There are many factors that contribute to my confidence.

  1. Dr. Koch has studied the physiology of the equine for many years and studied with some of the greatest veterinarians in the country. I think it is important to know the physics and pathophysiology that is incorporated into making our horses the best athelete they can be
  2. After extensive studying and getting her masters degree in Equine Physiology Dr Koch went on to study Veterinary medicine. I think her background in physiology enhanced her knowledge base beyond the normal learning of vet school. To incorporate the medical knowledge and applied practice is definetly a plus!
  3. I am a barrel racer; Dr. Koch is a barrel racer.  Many times I feel only a barrel racer or person who is actively involved in the sport can understand the needs of the barrel horse and their owner. Barrel racing is definetly a science; Dr Koch understands that science in a multifactoral outlook. I really like this.
  4. Dr. Koch is very easy to work with. She is gentle and quiet with the horse and easy to understand and visit with on the human side. That is important to me also.
Connie Riddle

I have known Dr. Quinley Koch for a long time.  From the high school rodeos days up until now, I have always known Dr. Koch to be an exceptional person.  She is honest, hard working, caring, very intelligent, and has a huge heart and love for all animals. When I learned she was headed to vet school I was excited. I knew with out a doubt that she would go above and beyond to be the best veterinarian she could be. I was even more excited to learn that she was moving back to our area to practice.

I have used Dr. Koch numerous times. I am always calling her for advice too. She is a vet that will listen to you and take the time to answer all of your questions thoroughly. I like how Dr. Koch will also take the time to learn and know each one of your animals. That shows she truly cares and understands the importance these animals are to us.

I see a very unique talent in Dr. Koch when it comes to treating my performance horses.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Koch for ANY of your veterinary needs.

Carolyn Herndon ‘Victory Barrel Horses’

Dr Quinley Koch is a very competent and compassionate vet. My mare stopped running the barrel pattern well and started refusing to go through the gate.  Dr Koch was very patient and  through chiropractic care, vet care, and a few dietary changes has my horse back and running like she used to.

Courtney Oliphant

I am a client of Dr. Koch and have been since her graduation from Oklahoma State University. I believe that being from a performance horse background gives Dr. Koch the edge a number of other Veterinarians do not possess. She is fully engaged in her duties because it is something she holds close to her heart and understands the relationship people have with their animals.

My barrel horses have never ran better, felt better nor been treated more thoroughly, than they do with Dr. Koch. I feel that she does what serves my horses the best; not her own pocketbook. Dr. Koch truly wants horse and owner to have a positive and beneficial experience. To date, I have not had anything but those experiences.

Dr. Koch is my trusted guide and treatment provider when it comes to my horses. Her practice is truly second to none.

Tanda Bartlett
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