Custom Animal Physical Therapy Programs


Physical therapy is an essential part of any human athlete’s training regimen, but something that has been underutilized in the equine athlete. In a nutshell, physical therapy is any form of therapy or exercise that helps heal and strengthen the body.

What’s Included?

Typically Dr. Koch’s equine physical therapy regimens include a combination of stretching, strength training and balance/coordination work. Based on your horse’s breed, age, discipline and areas of weakness, Dr. Koch can develop a customized physical therapy regimen that can be easily implemented into any training program. Most of Dr. Koch’s physical therapy plans take no more than an extra 30 minutes per week and can make a huge difference in your horse’s performance.

The most common problems Dr. Koch uses physical therapy to address are muscle imbalances, neck and back pain, weak or sore stifles and coordination issues. Physical therapy can properly and symmetrically condition the muscles, which in turn takes a tremendous strain off the spine and joints. And, balance and coordination exercises can help increase body awareness, which teaches the horse to use their body more effectively. By addressing the horse’s weaknesses through physical therapy we can help them perform their job easier and with less pain.

In addition to the active horse, physical therapy exercises also can help senior horses and horses recovering from injury maintain core strength and muscle tone without straining their bodies. Another life stage that can especially benefit from physical therapy is the young horse. Dr. Koch recommends incorporating physical therapy exercises into the young horse’s ground work to strengthen their body in preparation for being started under saddle.

Schedule Your Physical Therapy Appointment

Whether your horse is young, old or somewhere in between, they can benefit from physical therapy! To schedule an appointment, please call or text (316) 293-6273.

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