Erin Rogers

I began using Elite Equine for chiropractic care and maintanance on my two barrel horses shortly after learning of her new mobile practice in my area. The mobile aspect of her practice is a huge benefit to me, saving me immeasurable time and miles, and she even goes down to see my retired horse in Oklahoma!
The biggest service that Elite Equine has done for me was to save my mare, Mia,from the grips of EPM! I’d had her to several area vets after she began having trouble with her balance and leads in 2012, but never got a diagnosis for her. On a day in early February, Mia could suddenly barely walk, and I immediatly contacted Dr Koch (yes, after hours, I got to speak directly to my vet!!!). She made arrangements to see her the next day, keeping in contact with me the whole time up to the appointment, asking questions and discussing possible causes. We pulled blood on her and sent it off to be tested, devising a plan to keep Mia comfortable until we could get results back. When the tests came back positive, I was sure that my mare was starring down the end of her young career, but Dr Koch wasn’t letting me give up. We devised a treatment plan and got her started on it right away.
Six weeks later, not only was I riding my mare again, but I had her legged up and ready to start competing on her again!!! Dr Koch completed some chiropratic adjustments on her, and her first run back, she was running at the top of the 2D! She was notably more comfortable, more confident, more relaxed, less marish, and happier. And, she has continued to work better than ever!

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