Connie Riddle

I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Koch. There are many factors that contribute to my confidence.

  1. Dr. Koch has studied the physiology of the equine for many years and studied with some of the greatest veterinarians in the country. I think it is important to know the physics and pathophysiology that is incorporated into making our horses the best athelete they can be
  2. After extensive studying and getting her masters degree in Equine Physiology Dr Koch went on to study Veterinary medicine. I think her background in physiology enhanced her knowledge base beyond the normal learning of vet school. To incorporate the medical knowledge and applied practice is definetly a plus!
  3. I am a barrel racer; Dr. Koch is a barrel racer.  Many times I feel only a barrel racer or person who is actively involved in the sport can understand the needs of the barrel horse and their owner. Barrel racing is definetly a science; Dr Koch understands that science in a multifactoral outlook. I really like this.
  4. Dr. Koch is very easy to work with. She is gentle and quiet with the horse and easy to understand and visit with on the human side. That is important to me also.

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