Coggins Papers and Health Certificates….What’s the Deal?

coggins formCoggins Papers are to test for a disease called Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). This is a federally regulated disease and is deadly to horses. The Coggins test was originated from an Oklahoma State graduate and tests for EIA. EIA is transmitted by biting insects such as the horse fly. Horses that are transported need to have Coggins papers to know they are negative for the disease to protect them and other horses. The Coggins test is good for one year and must be done by a USDA certified veterinarian.

Health Certificates are to ensure that horses being transported are healthy and not potentially exposing innocent horses to disease. Health certificates require that a USDA certified inspect the horse and declare it healthy upon inspection. Health certificates vary per state, but most states allow the health certificate to be good for 30 days post veterinarian inspection. Health certificates are required by law for any horse traveling out of state and some in-state shows and events will require a health certificate. Any police officer or inspection station can ask to see your Coggins papers and Health Certificate and may fine you if you do not have them.

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